How to roast duck

on image: raw duck - courtesy of satit_srihin

on image: raw duck – courtesy of satit_srihin

Many people during holidays search how to cook duck at home.  There are various reasons why this searches are going up during holiday season. Some people prefer to cook delicious food at home for their family and friends on holidays. In some cultures it is a tradition to cook duck instead of a turkey. Some people just want to try to cook a new and different dish on every holiday, and choosing a duck as a main dish is very safe way to go, because it looks festive on a table, it is tasty, and if cooked right, it can add some good memories to look back later on.

If you never cooked duck before, you may find this site helpful.  There are many easy recipes from all over the world that can  make your cooking at home simple.

Roasted duck recipe is a perfect way to start learning cooking for holidays.  This recipe requires a whole duck. You can find it in any grocery store during the holidays.


1 whole duck
paprika pepper
caraway seeds


Salt and pepper duck the day before you cook it. Prick the skin to let the juice out.

Put flour and paprika on the skin.

Stuff the duck with sauerkraut and caraway seed and skewer the opening. Put the duck in a roasting pan with the cover off. Cook in a 500 degree oven until well brown for about 35-45 minutes.

Turn down to 350 degrees, cover,  baste often with stock. Cook about 2 1/2 hours (or more) until done.


Did you know...
…that there are more than 40 breeds of domestic duck. The white Pekin duck (also called the Long Island duck) is the most common one raised for eggs and meat.